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Changing my geometry – We Three Things

Changing my geometry – We Three Things

Now that I’m in my Golden Years at 66, I find I spend some time reflecting on my life with a mix of satisfaction and regret. Great successes, adventures, and not-so-great life (and wardrobe/style) choices are are all part of the still-unfolding ceaseless vista that is the panorama of my life.

There are three things that stand out for me in the “good” category. So good that I don’t think I’d be exaggerating to say they’re significant events that made me stronger, more secure in my future, and protected my sanity.

In order of appearance, they’re rowing, buying (and selling) my house, and Ray and Bob – my two dogs,(so far.)

Each of these has had a profound effect, or as my boss and friend during my years at Scotiabank once said “It’s changed your geometry.” He was referring to my physical configuration after a couple of years of rowing, but I think each of these three things changed more than that.

More to come in future posts – first up, rowing.